Don’t Forget to Do These Things When You Hire a Tax Professional

Your taxes have finally gotten to the point where you need to hire someone. You need to find a tax professional in Asheville NC. The first thing you need to do is get recommendations from your friends and family. The chances are that you know someone who has their taxes done.

Once you have a list of people to check out, make sure you do your research. This is to important to not look into the person and firm that will handle your taxes.

Do not take their word for their credentials and background. Some unscrupulous accountants will daft their clients’ tax returns to get illegal refunds. The client does not know they are doing that but will suffer the consequences if the Internal Revenue Service learns about it. Avoid these “professionals” by checking their criminal history.

Ask the accountant how long they have been doing tax returns for people. What training did they get? Do they belong to any professional associations? Why do their clients think about the service they receive?

Lastly, you should decide how you feel about the person. Do you like them? Do you feel comfortable with them? If your gut says no, so should you.